Our committee are starting their committee challenge in a couple of weeks with the TANTASTIC TAN SWAP!!

As many of you may have noticed, our president Beth Martin is slightly addicted to the bottle, the tanning bottle that is! On the flip side, our fabulous Charity Officer and Tap Teacher Niamh McKigney rocks the English Rose look incredibly! What better way of embarrassing these two than making them swap for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!?

Niamh will be embracing the bottle as heavily as Beth does, and Beth will be banned from tanning at all and will even be exfoliating on the 14th November to remove any tan residue that may linger!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us raise money for our fantastic charity, MIND, by donating to the cause – after all we will all be getting a lot of enjoyment watching the fortnight unfold!

The link to donate is below, anything you can donate will be massively appreciated in order to help improve the lives of people who suffer from mental illnesses.



There will be more challenges following for all of our committee members over the year so keep yours eyes peeled!!


We’ve got our own Spotify playlist up and running now so make sure you give it a follow for all of the songs we’ve used in any of our  classes!!