The dance society holds an annual dance tour during the Easter holidays for all of us to let our hair down, celebrate what an amazing year we’ve had and to go a little crazy before heading back to university to start revision for the dreaded exams. The tour is easily the craziest experience you’ll ever have. First of all, it’s not only dancers that go on tour; it’s a tour for almost every society from almost every university (so it really is the place to be for us students).

Last year we went to Croatia with Sports Vest

It’s a crazy week with some really fun workshops and amazing fancy dress like Toon Army, Hen Party and Zoo Animals!

Tour is an amazing week, a mix of freshers week, a girls/lads holiday and 4 nights of socials – what could be better?
We’ll get the coach there and back from Newcastle. Although it’s a long journey it’s really fun as you are on the coach with other teams from Newcastle and other universities. And the journey back is the perfect chance to recover before term starts again.