Hello! We are your dance teachers for the next year!


Beginners Jazz – Nicole Kyei and Jessie Cooke


Intermediate Jazz – Matt Hickie and Meg Butler


Advanced Jazz – Pippa McLeod-Brown


Beginners Contemporary – Tilly Hall and Anna Flint


Intermediate Contemporary – Emily Harper and Zoe Armstrong


Advanced Contemporary – Elena Corcobado and Mariko Moffat


Beginners Tap – Georgia Forester and Molly Casper


Intermediate Tap – Eleanor Scarborough and Sophie Lynch


Advanced Tap – Darcy Phillips and Ellie McQueen


Beginners Ballet – Emily Harper and Izzy Kirk


Intermediate Ballet – Natalie Lau and Emily Ridden


Advanced Ballet – Marnie Byfield and Millie Gascoyne


Beginners Street – Marnie Byfield and Nastya Jadrevska


Advanced Street – Ian Wallace, Elisa Litvin and Watson D.H.


Musical Theatre – Tilda Brooks and Kaya Foster


Lyrical – Sophie Pickering and Lauren Sterritt


Pointe – Elena Corcobado


Limbering – Miranda Stoner, Robyn Barber and Anna Flint


Bodycon – Ellen Armfield and Chloe Rowe