How To Join

Membership for our fab society is £35. This includes the price of all your classes. With your membership you can go to as many classes as you like! To join;

–          Go to the union societies website;

–          Go to the option ‘join a society’

–          Log in at the top of the page

–          You will need to fill in a registration form

–          Go to choose your society

–          Add ‘dance’ to your basket

–          If you haven’t joined any other societies there is a £3 insurance charge to pay

You also need a silver membership to access the gym and therefore attend our classes

–          This is done IN THE SPORTS CENTRE not on the union website

–          If you don’t have a silver membership you can’t come to any classes

–          You may have bought this with your accommodation so check before you buy one

–          The price is £62 for 1 year or £160 for 3 years