The dance society enters several inter-university competitions throughout the year all over the UK! Over the past few years Newcastle University’s Dance Society has become one of the ones to beat.

Competitions are a chance to represent the university and really feel part of a team; they give you a great sense of achievement, are a great way to make ¬†friends and are a whole lot of fun! To be part of the competition team you must be dedicated and hard-working, but anyone who has been part of a team will tell you it’s great fun.

This year we will be hosting our own competition! This will take place on 23rd February 2019 at the Civic Centre.


We will announce the other competitions we will be competing in soon so keep your eyes peeled!


Last year we had a record breaking year for us and won over 30 trophies! This year we hope to do even better and smash those comps yet again.