The dance society committee’s job is to make sure everything within the society runs smoothly, from competitions and the show to socials and kit. It’s up to us to ensure that you’re always kept up-to-date with everything dance-related.

This is your dance committee 2018/19…

President- Tilda Brooks 

Hey! I’m tilda, and I’m going to be your president this year! My main role is to oversee the activities and events within the society! I will be a point of contact for all society members, teachers and commitee. Feel free to get in touch about any issues, queries, or questions you may have, or if you just want a chat. Hope you all enjoy your year! Dance love xoxoxo

 Vice President- Kaya Foster

Hi I’m Kaya and I’m a third year English language student. I’ll be your Vice President of dance this year. I will be in charge of all the kit for society and organising workshops throughout the year. If you have any queries feel free to contact me!

Secretary- Elena Corcobado

Helloo my name is Elena, I am a 2nd year Media, Communication and Cultural Studies student, and this year I am the Secretary. I am in charge of the emails and a point of contact in the society, so if you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to contact me!! You can either send an email to the dance soc, message me on Facebook or come to me in person. Wooo see you around xx

Treasurer- Joy Appleby

Hey I’m Joy. I’m currently studying mathematics and economics in third year, and am your society treasurer! This role entails monitoring budgets in all aspects of the society, filling out claims forms, finding sponsors and doing refunds. My role works alongside all other committee members and helps everyone get the best for their money.

Social Secretaries- Anna Flint and Matt Hickie

Hi guys, I’m Anna and I’m 2nd Year BA English language student, and I am one of your social secretaries this year, alongside Matt. I have been part of this society for a year now and went on most of the socials and had a great time getting to know everyone. I hope to make this year as good for you all as it has been in the past. Any questions about anything within the society or out, don’t be afraid to contact me.

Hi everyone, my name is Matt, i’m a 2nd year BA Geography Student and another one of your Social Secs this year. We will also be in charge of organising our fabulous summer ball, and our all time favourite event of the year, Tour Tour Tour! (This year we’re planning the craziest week abroad yet so be sure to keep an eye out for details!)

If anyone has any questions about our main events, is in need a drinking buddy for the weekly socials, or just a friendly chat about all things DanceSoc, don’t hesitate to find me or Anna!

Show Co-ordinator- Elisa Litvin

Hey, I’m Elisa! As a show co-ordinator, my job is to ensure that one of the biggest and most important events of the year would run smoothly. My duties start from arranging the venue to coming up with the best running order for the dances. This year the show is going to be called “Celebrate Good Times”, which is why I will make sure, that this event will truly feel like a big celebration for the whole society! Can’t wait to see the final result on 15-16 March!

Charity and Welfare officer- Ellie O’Shaughnessy

Hi my name is Ellie, I’m a 3rd year medic. This year I am the charity and welfare officer. For the charity side I will organise fundraising events to try and raise as much money as possible for the charity we as a society choose to support. As welfare officer, I will be looking after everyone in the society so that they feel welcome, happy and healthy. Any problems feel free to come chat to me, I am here to help!! X

Media Officer- Poppy Allingan 

Hi everyone, I’m Poppy and I’m your media officer this year! I’m in stage 3 of studying Media, communications and cultural studies and I’m so excited to have this role this year. I am in charge of running all our social media accounts as well as taking pictures/videos at our comps/show and of course making amazing montages to advertise our fab society. Looking forward to this year!! ps follow us on Facebook, twitter and insta!!!xxx

Competition secretary -Nastya Jadrevska

Hi guys, my name is Nastya, I am a 3rd year Computer Science student and this year I’m also taking a position of your competition secretary! I’m in charge of the competitive side of dance, so feel free to ask me any questions about all the amazing comps we are going to this year, as well as Saturday timetables, auditions and other club related questions.

Competition Treasurer- Pippa McLeod-Brown

Hi, I’m Pippa, I’m a 5th year architecture student and the treasurer for dance club. My job is to ensure our finances allow all our teams to go to competitions across the country as well as host a competition and provide as many extras to the dancers as possible!
I’ve been in dancesoc since I was a fresher so if you have any questions I should be able to help! See you around!

Competition Co-ordinator- Izzy Kirk

Hi I’m Izzy, I’m a third year Journalism student and I am your comp coordinator this year! My role is mainly for the competitive section of the club because I plan our super amazing comp and making sure we live up to our party name. However I am super approachable to all because I’m only 5”1 (and a half) so any questions please feel free to find me! Xx